The war of water and fire has begun!

By Square Enix Team

Happy Monday, everyone! Within this week’s edition of the Square Enix Collective feedback platform we have Noahmund, an RPG that reimagines tactical battles within mythological world.

The great war of Feros had been brewing long before any bloodshed began in the region. An uneven distribution of essential resources had long left the Southern lands punished by drought and heat whilst the Northern realms flourished thanks to their control of the rivers. This discrimination of the most essential kind would gradually open wounds that would be near impossible to sew.

Gameplay within Noahmund revolves around two core gameplay mechanics, the battle and exploration systems. The battle system merges the calculated prowess of tactical-RPG’s with the timeless structure of chess in a format known as ‘motion battle chess’, whereas the exploration system is reminiscent of a Dungeons and Dragons board in that players will be able to explore the different zones of the game through nodes and resolve different puzzles thanks to the world skills for each main character.

If you’re intrigued by the mythical world of Noahmund, you can vote for it or talk to the developers here.