Everything you need to know about VARIOUS DAYLIFE

Go to work in this innovative and fresh take on the RPG genre. Oh, and did we mention: it’s out today on Switch and Steam, and coming to PS4 September 15, 23:00 PDT / September 16, 7:00 GMT!
By Duncan Heaney

We have three very exciting things we have to tell you about VARIOUS DAYLIFE:

  1. It’s a thrillingly-fresh take on traditional RPGs

  2. It’s from the same team that brought you OCTOPATH TRAVELER, BRAVELY DEFAULT and TRIANGLE STRATEGY

  3. It’s out today for Nintendo Switch and Steam! Yes - you can play it RIGHT NOW! There’s also a bundle on PC that includes TRIANGLE STRATEGY!

Those are the headlines, but we’re sure you still have a few questions about the game. Read on and we’ll answer them, starting with the big one:


This single player RPG transports you to the newly discovered continent of Antoecia - a mysterious land that simply begs to be explored. As a productive member of a burgeoning civilization, you’ll carry out work and take on different jobs to help your home flourish and grow.

Then, joined by fellow new arrivals, you’ll embark on expeditions to uncover this strange new world’s secrets and expand your settlement.

Of course, a new land means new dangers - you’ll be beset by the elements, hostile beast men and worse. What’s more, you can only carry so much with you on an expedition, so you’ll have to thing strategically if you want to come back with the valuable resources you need… or your very life.

Memorable characters, a unique character growth system, and innovative battle mechanics all combine to create an RPG that feels unique, fresh, and positively overflowing with quirky charm!

Various Daylife screenshot

So, what do you do in the game?

You arrive on Antoecia in the new city of Erebia. There’s a whole new continent to traverse - its many uncharted lands aren’t going to chart themselves, after all.

Before you can head out, however, you need to become stronger. You’ll gain strength by undertaking everyday work in Erebia and explore the land beyond the city by taking on excursion quests from the guild.

Completing these quests will earn you resources, expand Erebia and progress the story.

Various Daylife screenshot

A good day’s work builds body and mind

VARIOUS DAYLIFE isn’t like other RPGs - you won’t get stronger by battling enemies. To build your stats, you need to go to work!

The work you undertake defines how your character will grow: for example, tasks that involve physical labor will increase your strength, while those that challenge you mentally will add to your magic power. There’s an enormous number of things to do in the game, with over 20 job classes and more than 100 types of work for those jobs to perform. You will be able to experience secretary work, waiting tables, dancing and more.

The more you work in succession, the faster your character will grow… and the more abilities you’ll unlock to use in battle (more on that below). But beware: you have to balance your stamina and your mood. Do too much, too fast, and you’ll collapse - and worse, your stats will drop too!

Various Daylife screenshot

Jobs / Professions

The work you do is closely tied into various jobs / professions - you earn these by socializing with friends and equip them to set what abilities you can use in combat.

For example, if a warrior asks you to do some work, you’ll unlock the Warrior job to use in battle. This will give you access to powerful strikes that can daze enemies or hit multiple foes at once.

Alternatively, if you undertake some work for your server friend, you’ll be able to equip the Server job. Depending on the abilities you’ve unlocked, you’ll be able to debuff enemies with a charming smile, steal their money by handing them a check, or soak them with water.

There are more than 20 jobs in the game, with more than 100 work requests tied to them, so there’s a lot to get stuck into!

Various Daylife screenshot

Heading out on quests

Quests send you out of the city and into the dangerous wilds to fulfil all kinds of requests.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to exploring these uncharted lands - not only will you have to deal with dangerous beasts, but you’ll also need food and camping supplies for the long trek.

However, you can only carry so much, so you’ll have to think carefully about your requirements and which items to carry with you on your expedition. The decision-making challenges continue into the journey itself - the weather and climate can have an impact on your travels, food supplies may go bad and more.

You’ll have to judge when it’s time to break for camp - or whether to push on just that little bit further…

Various Daylife screenshot

An innovative battle system

At some point on your travels, you’ll encounter hostile creatures - then it’s time to fight!

The game features a turn-based battle system with innovative twists. You must work together with allies, using your job’s abilities to exploit the ‘three CHAs’:

  • CHAnge your foes’ conditions - your abilities can alter an enemy’s status. For example, fire magic can set them ablaze, while water can drench them!

  • Build up a CHAin of attacks - hitting a foe with different status effects creates a chain.

  • Seize your CHAnce to inflict heavy damage! - the more Chains you’ve strung together, the greater your chance to inflict heavy damage!

Various Daylife screenshot

How can you get VARIOUS DAYLIFE?

VARIOUS DAYLIFE is available today digitally on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

The game also releases for PS4 September 15, 23:00 PDT / September 16, 7:00 GMT!

Anyone who purchases the game before October 17, 2022, will get a digital artbook as an early purchase reward. It has more than 180 pages of illustrations, character images and even concept art from the early stages of development - it’s definitely worth a look!

VARIOUS DAYLIFE will also be available as part of a bundle with TRIANGLE STRATEGY Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam (TRIANGLE STRATEGY will be accessible from October 14, 2022). Purchase this bundle and you’ll get a 29% discount on the cost of both titles!

And that’s VARIOUS DAYLIFE - we hope you found this interesting and informative!

It’s a really enjoyable and distinctly different RPG - one of those games that you can pick up and play for a few minutes a day or lose yourself in for hours at a time.

We hope you enjoy it!