A closer look at Visions of Mana

What’s the story of Visions of Mana? How do you customize characters? How do you get around the world? We take a deep dive into this beautiful new adventure!
By Duncan Heaney

We know a lot of you have been excited to learn more about Visions of Mana after its eye-catching trailers! Well, get ready because we’re about to tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s start with the big question: when can you play it? We’re excited to announce that Visions of Mana will release August 29, 2024 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows and Steam! What’s more, pre-orders are available today (the Steam version is available to pre-order from 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST / 09:00 PDT)!

But perhaps you’re wondering what the game is all about. Read on, and we’ll take you through the story, characters, combat, adorable animal friends and more!

What’s Visions of Mana about?

Every four years, people around the world are selected by the Faerie to travel to the Tree of Mana and rejuvenate the flow of mana power by offering their souls. These chosen people are named ‘alms’ and accompanied on their pilgrimage by a soul guard.

In the Fire Village, Tianeea, the residents are excitedly preparing for the coming of the Faerie and the naming of their new alm. Val, a new soul guard, brings his childhood friend, Hinna, to the festival. As the sun falls beneath the horizon, the Faerie descends and names Hinna as the Alm of Fire.

So, Val and Hinna set out towards the Mana Tree, and the journey of a lifetime begins…

Characters of Visions of Mana

Val and Hinna aren’t on their journey alone. As the adventure continues, they’ll be joined by a charming group of allies, who you’ll be able to fully control in battle and when exploring the world outside towns.

Let’s take a closer look at this awesome entourage:


The main protagonist, Val, is a curious young boy with a positive and upbeat attitude to life. As the newly appointed soul guard to the alms, he accompanies Hinna on her pilgrimage to the Mana Tree.

As you’d hope from such a role, Val is highly skilled with a blade and excels at both offensive and defensive melee skills.


Careena hails from Longren, the Vale of Wind. She’s rarely seen without her best friend, a sacred beast cub named Ramcoh.

Her greatest wish is to be appointed as alm and see the world outside her small settlement, and even an accident during training that took one of her precious wings isn’t enough to dampen her ambitions.

Careena supports her allies with powerful buffs and hits enemies with area-of-effect attacks.


Morley hails from Etaern, the Moonlit Parish, but since childhood he has carried the weight of a terrible disaster in his hometown on his shoulders. After meeting Val and the others, he finds himself able to face his painful past.

Morley specializes in fast, close-range attacks where his rapier-sharp reflexes let him deal impressive damage very quickly.


Palamena is the young Queen of Illystana, Capital of the Deep.

She succeeded the throne following the death of her father. Since then, she’s been navigating her way through Illystana's societal expectations and turbulent politics, while also caring for Iain, her young brother.

Palamena excels at magic attacks and is capable of casting impressively powerful magic attacks from range.


Julei is a sproutling and the current custodian of Verdeus Borough, responsible for watering his sleeping companions.

Julei has been whiling away the hours with the same old chores day after day, but an encounter with Val and the team brings some unexpected changes to his life.

In battle, Julei supports his allies with healing and regenerative abilities.


Hinna is Val’s closest childhood friend. When she receives the honor of being chosen as the Alm of Fire for this year’s pilgrimage, she’s ecstatic at the chance to travel together with him.

Hinna is not directly playable but will support Val and the team in battle from the sidelines. She’s not the only support character either - check out the latest trailer to see more.

The world of Visions of Mana

The group’s adventures will take them to many regions of the world. Areas are expansive, and full of things to discover, from secretive stashes to dangerous beasts to battle.

Your heroes are enjoyably mobile, so while you can follow the markers for the main quest, you’re richly rewarded for exploration. There’s a lot of fun to be had using their jump, dashes and other traversal skills gained though Elemental Vessels (more on them in a bit) to explore these large locales. You may find useful resources, new quests to complete and more.

If you want to get around in style, there’s no better way than with a trusty companion. If you’re on land, you can use an item called the Beckon Bell to summon a Pikul! These loveable critters quickly traverse the map and even trample any enemies you run across during your ride!

But a Pikul can’t run on water. If you want to traverse the seas, there’s no better friend than Vuscav, a mysterious turtle-like creature who will let you surf across the seas.

But what if you want to soar through the skies themselves? Meet Flammie - this sacred beast of legend can fly you quickly across the world map!

But while the world of Visions of Mana is beautiful and vibrant - and when on a Pikul super-adorable - it’s also dangerous. Sooner or later, you’re going to encounter something that wants to put a premature end to your adventures - and then it’s time to fight.

Combat in Visions of Mana

Battles in Visions of Mana are fast-paced and exciting. You’ll take enemies on in real-time, using combos and skills to take them out quickly and with style.

While you’ll start the game with basic attacks, it won’t be long before you’re able to equip and use all kinds of extra skills, from elemental abilities to Moves - powerful manoeuvres that cost MP to execute.

If you’re a fan of the Mana system, you’ll be familiar with the Ring Menu. It’s back in Visions of Mana! Only moves assigned to the Ring Menu can be used in battle, so you’ll have to think carefully about which you use, and how you distribute them across the team.

Battle pauses while you select action from the Ring Menu, which helps you plan out strategies and catch your breath - but if you prefer to keep things moving, you can also set shortcuts for instant access.

You can also swap between three active heroes with the press of a button, and even set behaviors so they can perform to your liking while you’re not at the wheel. These heroes are also impressively customizable - not only can you set their Moves, you can also change up their class through the use of Elemental Vessels. Speaking of which…

Elemental Vessels

Elemental Vessels are mystical artifacts that house the power of the elements within them. Each vessel contains mana from a different element and our heroes can borrow these powers in combat and while exploring.

Exploration: Elemental Triggers

When exploring, you can activate Elemental Triggers - glowing marks scattered throughout the land. Using an elemental power here will let you generate gusts of wind to fly through the air, move rocks, slow down time and more.

The more Elemental Vessels you collect, the more of these Triggers you’ll be able to use, so it’s worth revisiting areas you’ve been to once you have new Vessels - who knows what further secrets they may hold.

Combat: Switching Classes

Equipping an Elemental Vessel to a character allows you to change their class - and gives them access to special elemental attacks.

Different classes unlock different stats, weapon types, and unique moves or abilities based on their corresponding elemental. For example, some abilities can restrict an enemy's movements or cast regenerative effects to heal your allies.

Elemental Vessels can be equipped to any character, and each has their own corresponding Classes (and costumes!). That means there’s an enormous potential for experimenting with different teams and characters to find the Class combinations that work for you!

The Elemental Plot

We’ve talked about Moves, but how do you get new ones? The answer is through the Elemental Plot.

This shows how attuned a character is to each elemental vessel and advancing along it unlocks powerful moves and abilities. An additional branch of the plot is unlocked whenever you obtain a new vessel.

Moves you learn from the Elemental Plot can still be used, even if you switch Class from that element. However, the abilities are class-specific and can only be used when the corresponding Class (and associated Vessel) is equipped.

Examples of Elemental Vessels and Classes

Let’s offer up some examples of the Elemental Vessels in the game and how they change up your character.

Vessel of Wind: Sylphid Boomerang

This Elemental Vessel can control air currents. You can use it to create gusts of wind when you come across a break in the path that’s too large to cross. Boost your jumps with wind or summon rocky steps buoyed by the air to get back on track!

If you hurl the vessel at an enemy in battle, it can bind and suspend them in the air, while also dealing damage.

If you equip this Vessel to Val, he gains the Rune Knight class. Equip it to Careena, and she’ll transform into the Dancer class.

Vessel of the Moon: Luna Globe

This Elemental Vessel manipulates the flow of time. You use this to circumvent obstacles like frozen rapids or revert a specific area back to the state it was in the past!

In battle, it also lets you create pockets of moon energy that decrease the enemy’s movement speed if they cross into them.

Equip the Luna Globe to Morley, and he’ll gain the Nightblade class. Val, on the other hand, will gain the heavily armored Aegis.

Vessel of Water: Undine Flask

Undine is the elemental of water. Her Elemental Vessel can control the ebb and flow of water. With it, you can enter the floating bubbles you find on your journey and move them around at will.

The Undine Flask can also be used to cool down any magma blocking your way so you can safely progress through hot areas.

Used in combat, it can blast enemies off their feet with streams of water or attack them with homing water bubbles that deal damage.

Add the Undine Flask to Val, and he’ll become the Duelist class. Alternatively, give it to Palamena to gain the Grand Diviner class. As for Julei, he’ll become a Scholar.

Vessel of Wood: Dryad Sprig

Dryad is the elemental of wood, and her vessel lets you harness the regenerative healing power of plants.

You can also use it to grow large flowers to carry you across broken paths or give yourself a boost to reach previously inaccessible areas.

It’s particularly useful in battle, as it allows you to create healing zones to keep replenishing your team’s HP for a set amount of time.

Equipping it to Val lets him use the Edelfrei class, while Palamena gains the Beastleader class if she uses it. Julei becomes a Sage.

Vessel of Fire: Salamando Candle

When you want to really heat things up, seek out the elemental of fire, Salamando.

His Elemental Vessel harnesses the power of flame, letting you propel yourself through the air like a rocket!

The destructive nature of fire has its use in battle too. Charge at enemies with fiery attacks or engulf them in flames to cause damage over time.

Equip the vessel to Val, and he’ll transform into the Liege class. Careena, on the other hand, will become a Divine Fist, whereas Palamena will become a Masquer!

We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into Visions of Mana - but rest assured, we’re only scratching the surface. There’s plenty more to discover in this vibrant new adventure, which launches August 29, 2024 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows and Steam.

The game is available to pre-order today (the Steam version is available to pre-order from 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST / 09:00 PDT).

You’ll get some awesome bonuses available for doing so too. Pre-order the digital Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition to receive the following in-game item:

  • Brave Blade - a weapon for Val

Additionally, players who preorder a physical edition before August 29, 2024, or purchase a digital edition before 16:59 BST / 17:59 CEST / 08:59 PDT on Sept. 30, 2024 will also receive the following in-game items as early purchase bonuses:

  • Guardian Garment - an outfit for Val

  • Starter Pack - a set of items that can be used to boost the amount of experience points and lucre earned for a fixed amount of time.

Please visit your preferred retailer or storefront for more information.

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