New ally Sandra swings by for the Jewel Hunter Harvest

Jewel Hunter Harvest is Here in Echoes of Mana!

Jewel Hunter Harvest (Summons)

Duration: 12/20 6:00 (UTC) - 12/31 5:59 (UTC)

Players will have the chance to summon new 4★ ally Sandra (Jewel Hunter Ver.) and 4★ memory gem, “The Professor’s Pet.”

This harvest includes a step feature where each time you summon x10, you get a step closer to increased rates on certain steps! The first 10-summon is half off!

If you choose to harvest x10, you'll get a 3★ or higher ally or memory gem echo on the 10th harvest!

What's more, you'll get a 4★ ally or memory gem echo on the 10th harvest for Step 5 & Step 7!
And the steps keep going! From Step 8 and after, the rate for Sandra (Jewel Hunter Ver.) is boosted!

Published December 20, 2022
In-game Event
  • Echoes of Mana
  • iOS
  • Android