Little Goody Two Shoes will be released on October 31st!

Little Goody Two Shoes comes out on October 31st on all latest platforms: STEAM®, Xbox X|S, Nintendo Switch™, and PlayStation®5. This fairly tale narrative adventure will take you on a dark journey to fulfill your greatest wish, and chill you to the bone.

Set in the mysterious Kieferberg Village, Little Goody Two Shoes is a homage to the original PlayStation® and early PlayStation®2 (PS2) RPGs and is centered around Elise, an ambitious girl determined to become rich and escape her humble life.

Be ready to step into Elise’s shoes and soon find yourself immersed in a ’90s-inspired horror narrative adventure game.

Try the Little Goody Two Shoes demo and pre-purchase the game now on Steam!

Published October 19, 2023
  • Square Enix Collective
  • PS5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Steam
  • PC
  • Xbox Series X
  • Little Goody Two Shoes