Find out about this stylish game from the action masters at PlatinumGames, including the co-op combat, beautiful brushwork art style and more. Plus find out how to sign up for the beta!
By Duncan Heaney

The SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS showcase at E3 was packed with amazing announcements, and one of the most exciting - and eye-catching - of all had to be this: the closest look at BABYLON’S FALL yet!

Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this co-op action extravaganza.



BABYLON’S FALL is a new game developed in partnership with PlatinumGames - the action masters behind games like NieR:Automata.

You’ll take the role of a Sentinel - part of a group of powerful warriors. With a group of other players, you’ll enter the titanic Tower of Babylon in search of a great legacy that sleeps within.

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you look at the trailer and screenshots is the game’s distinctive brushwork art style. It gives this uniquely compelling world the appearance of a medieval oil painting, and the game a unique personality that matches the action.

And what action it is! PlatinumGames are renowned as one of the best in the biz at this kind of thing, and BABYLON’S FALL shows exactly why. Just take a look at some of the stuff in the trailer!


Is BABYLON’S FALL multiplayer?

Yes, BABYLON’S FALL is a co-op game with a party of up to four players. What’s more, playing with a team gives you all kinds of options in combat, letting you combine your different weapons and abilities to conquer the many challenges of the tower.

Will there be a BABYLON’S FALL beta?

If you’re interested in trying BABYLON’S FALL before release, you can sign up to take part in the closed beta.

This test will be held over three phases, with different tests being carried out during each, and more platforms added as they progress. The results of the tests, as well as your valuable feedback, will be used to improve the quality of BABYLON’S FALL upon release.

If you’re interested in applying for the beta, you can sign up for access and more information at Please note that a SQUARE ENIX account and internet access will be required if you want to take part.

What platforms will BABYLON’S FALL be available on?

BABYLON’S FALL is in development for PS5, PS4 and STEAM.

Looks pretty amazing, right? We’ll have more to share on BABYLON’S FALL in the future, so make sure you follow the team on social media to get the big news first!