Bonus PSN discounts included in Square Enix PSP special editions

By Square Enix Team

Hi everyone, if you‘ve bought LORD of ARCANA recently or seen it in your local game shop, you may have noticed a sticker on the front of the box offering a 50% PlayStation Store discount for buying and downloading FINAL FANTASY Crystal Defenders.<br>

( when it’s released this week to claim 50% off the purchase of classic PSOne game, VAGRANT STORY.

( – and a voucher to get 50% off FINAL FANTASY II.

If you haven't already seen our unboxing videos for LORD of ARCANA and TACTICS OGRE: Let Us Cling Together, be sure to check them out now. We'll be doing unboxing videos for DISSIDIA 012duodecim FINAL FANTASY and The 3rd Birthday soon, so look out for those exclusively on Square Enix Members.

2 months, 4 PSP games and 4 PlayStation Store special offers - hope you’ve got your PSPs charged and ready to go!