Square Enix digital releases for the week of March 28

By Square Enix Team



PlayStation fans should be happy with this week's digital releases (don't worry Xbox and Wii fans, we have plenty of stuff coming up for you too), with a full game available for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. The 3rd Birthday is now available to purchase on the PlayStation Store (or in retail stores if you're after the Twisted Edition). A spiritual successor to the Parasite Eve games on PSone, The 3rd Birthday follows the latest story of protagonist Aya Brea.


For PS3 gamers, we've released Moon Diver, a co-op side-scrolling action game from the man behind classic Mega Drive title Strider. On top of that, PSP owners can grab another free Lord of Arcana DLC pack. Check below for full details.






The 3rd Birthday (PSP)

Friday, April 1st

Full game



The 3rd Birthday is an engrossing new chapter for Aya Brea, the main character in the hugely popular PARASITE EVE series. Set in New York in 2012, Aya is mankind’s last hope for survival against the powerful Twisted. 


Combining all-action third-person shooter gameplay with rich character development, weapon customisation, challenging missions and a gripping suspense-filled story, The 3rd Birthday delivers incredible visuals unmatched among portable games.  


Moon Diver (PS3)

Wednesday, March 30th

Full game



Developed by feelplus inc., Moon Diver was created by Koichi Yotsui, the visionary game designer behind one of the most iconic arcade action games of the last two decades, Strider. While Moon Diver certainly pays homage to its side-scrolling ancestor with hordes of enemies and gigantic bosses, the game innovates in a number of ways, including entirely modern three-dimensional graphics; a dynamic and intuitive character experience and levelling system; four-player local and online co-op with the ability to instantly drop in and out. 


Lord of Arcana DLC Pack 4 (PSP)

Wednesday, March 30th

Downloadable Content



The fourth LORD of ARCANA add-on pack contains four new quests: Death Gods Feast, Deathly Invitation, Dark Despair and The Red Sword. All for the rock bottom price of FREE!