Chocobo GP out now - here’s everything you need to know

Here’s what’s included in the new game, and full details about the free ‘Lite’ version.
By Duncan Heaney

Better grab some gysahl greens for the road because it’s time to Choco-go! Chocobo GP is out now for Nintendo Switch!

Prepare for high-speed, competitive action across beautiful tracks inspired by the Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY series. With an expansive story mode, 64 player online multiplayer, and a free Lite version of the game, there’s a lot to talk about with this one.

So, enough idling - let’s put our foot down and tell you everything you need to know about Chocobo GP.

What is Chocobo GP?

The thrilling new racing game puts you in the driving seat with beloved characters from the Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY series. Feather the throttle with Chocobo himself, get kweh-zy with Camilla and her Pa, or summon some serious racing skills with figures like Ifrit and Shiva!

Pa deploying his special ability in Chocobo GP

Whoever your racer of choice may be, you’ll speed through magical, chaotic courses, including the pastoral pastels of Chocobo Farm, the rain-soaked streets of Zozo, and the glitzy glamor of the Gold Saucer. As you race, you’ll want to touch the Magic Eggs scattered across the courses as they let you use spells to give you an on-track advantage.

A view of the Alexandria course from Chocobo GP

Cast Fire to damage those ahead of you, Water to wipe out those behind, Haste to give yourself a speed boost and many more! Spells can be powered up by collecting more magicite from Magic Eggs, so you have to decide whether to fire it off now, or wait for a more opportune time…

You’ll also want to be strategic about which color of Magic Eggs you seek out! Copper Magic Eggs will grant you a random magicite or crystal (this charges up your racer’s special ability!), whereas silver Magic Eggs will grant you the same type of magicite that you currently own. Gold Magic Eggs, meanwhile, will grant you two of the same type of magicite or crystal, so you can quickly get access to more powerful magic to use on your competitors.

Ifrit using fire magicite

What game modes are in Chocobo GP?

There’s a whole lot crammed into Chocobo GP. Here’s the rundown of all the modes included in the full game:

  • Chocobo GP - it’s the big one. Up to 64 players compete online to be the Grand Champion! Finish fourth or higher, and you’ll make it to the next round. Do you have what it takes?

  • Story Mode - Chocobo and his friends take to the track in order to win the ultimate prize… whatever their heart desires. You’ll be able to unlock new characters by playing through this mode!

  • Time Attack - drive fast and well to post the best time on each course. It’s not just you against the clock - you can also upload ghost data of your best runs or even data from other players to race against.

  • Series Races - each race series has four tracks and one winner. Finish in the top three to unlock a new series to take part in. Friends can help or hinder their chances by racing on the same system with a Joy-Con each.

  • Custom Race - your race, your rules. Customize various parameters, such as number of races, CPU level, type of magicite available and more. You can even race with another player on the same Switch with a single Joy-Con each!

  • Multiplayer - When playing online, you can either enter an open match or invite friends to race together. What’s more, up to eight players can compete through local play with multiple Switch consoles.

Chocobo GP season 1

How do Seasons and Prize Passes work?

In Chocobo GP mode, Season events are held every two months or so. While the Season is running, you’ll earn a Season score and improve your Season level when you take part. You can then use these to obtain special rewards, such as items or Gil to spend on things like costumes, vehicle stickers and characters like Squall Leonhart in the in-game shop.

Chocobo GP unlockable character Squall Leonhart

If you want to get even more out of Chocobo GP, you can spend mythril to purchase an optional Prize Pass, which grants access to an additional set of season rewards. For example, in the first Season, you can earn none other than Cloud Strife as a playable character!

There’s also the Premium Prize Pass, which grants you 60 levels’ worth of season rewards - enough to get Cloud instantly!

Chocobo GP unlockable character Cloud Strife

Players with a Prize Pass or Premium Prize Pass will also earn more Gil as they play, so you can get even more at the in-game shop!

All players will be treated to a celebratory login bonus of 800 mythril - the equivalent of a Prize Pass, so they can join in the fun and start working towards some amazing rewards.

Note: the free mythril login bonus campaign end date will be announced at a later date.

Ben using his special ability at the Gold Saucer

What’s included in the Chocobo GP Lite?

In addition to the full game, a free Lite version of the game is available.

This deluxe demo gives you a chance to try out some of the story mode, as well as compete in the Chocobo GP mode.

Here’s a general overview of what’s included:

  • Story Mode Prologue - play through the opening Prologue chapter of the story mode, introducing you to Chocobo, his world and the high-speed adventure that’s to follow.

  • Chocobo GP Mode - Compete in 64-player races online, and battle to be the best.

  • Local Multiplayer - the Lite version also lets you play all tracks in multiplayer with up to 8 people locally on separate Switch consoles, provided one player has the full version of the game.

Please note:

  • The number of characters available in the Lite version differs from the full version of the game.

  • Online races are only available on Chocobo GP mode.

  • For local multiplayer with multiple Switch consoles, one player must own the full game.

  • Only owners of the full version can create lobbies when using a local multiplayer connection. Lite version players must join pre-existing lobbies to play.

Chocobo GP is available for Switch now digitally via the Nintendo eShop.

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