Chocobo GP preview: characters, seasons and more revealed!

See exciting new information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch racing game, including some familiar faces and locations coming in the game!
By Duncan Heaney

Want to know something kweh-zy? We’re only a few weeks away from the launch of Chocobo GP!

The new Nintendo Switch racing game puts the feathered hero and his friends into a high speed competition on vibrant courses, all based on iconic locations from across the Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY series.

With the launch date fast approaching with the speed of… well, a Chocobo GP, we thought it would be a perfect time to give you a closer look at the game. It’s almost time to put your pedal to the metal


Chocobo GP is full of amazing characters from both the Chocobo series and the wider FINAL FANTASY universe. Each is playable, and each is competing to be the best on the track. Here’s a look at some potentially familiar faces:


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Terra is a strange girl in many ways. What’s more, she seems to be lost in a trance.

Her unique ability is called Magitek Missile and true to its name, Terra launches five magitek missiles that follow the track in front of her. Any characters who get hit by a missile - or even caught in the explosion when they detonate - will wipe out!


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Terra’s father may look scary, but he’s actually a kind and loving dad… and overcome with worry for his daughter.

When he uses his unique ability, Chaos Wave, Maduin concentrates his aura to enter a boosted state. He’ll travel forward for a period of time and cause any characters he hits directly to wipe out.


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

This black mage boy is often afraid - he doesn’t like heights in particular.

He has the ability to use Dbl Magic. When he activates it, Vivi enters Trance and can use two different types of high-tier magic at once. The direction you input with the left stick when you activate the ability defines which type of magicite he uses - the effects are the same as using regular magicite.


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

The leader of the Knights of Alexandria is a stern and uncompromising man. That said, he’s surprisingly easily brought to tears.

His unique ability - Moonlight Slash - is borne of hard work and dedication. When a racer is in front of him, he’ll attack them with his sword and cause them to wipe out. If there’s more than one racer nearby, he’ll keep attacking.


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Asura is a glamorous socialite and married to Leviathan. She has three different faces that she swaps between depending on her mood.

Her special ability is called Tsunami and - appropriately enough - lets her surf along on a giant tsunami. She continues along the course in a boosted state for a period of time, moving left and right automatically. Any characters that come into contact with the waves will wipe out.


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Although Titan looks fierce, he’s actually an affable fellow who loves to chat to people. He’s best mates with Ben (who we introduced in our last blog) and worries about his self-destructive lifestyle.

With his Gaia’s Wrath ability, Titan slams his mighty fists on the ground, which sends a shockwave out from the impact. It also shoots a pillar of rock out in front of the racers ahead of him.


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Sylph is a young girl who lives on the beach near the Monster Village and looks like a fairy. In contrast to her child-like appearance, she has quite the mouth on her!

By using her Whispering Wind ability, Sylph traps other racers in a whirlwind to slow them down. It also makes it harder for them to control their vehicles.


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

This relative of Maduin lives in Zozo and is a reckless old chatterbox.

His unique ability is Judgement Bolt. Ramuh uses his staff to summon a thundercloud, which homes in on nearby racers. Once it’s over their head, a bolt of lightning makes them wipe out.


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

This icy figure is Shiva. She’s Ramuh’s granddaughter and is always taking selfies to post whenever and wherever.

Her Diamond Dust ability blasts her competitors with freezing ice. Frozen characters are unable to perform certain actions for a set time, including using magicite, abilities or even drifting!


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Mecha-Chocobo is so-called because… well, it’s a mechanical chocobo. The hero having a sinister robotic imposter has long been a staple of adventure tales.

When Mecha-Chocobo uses its Beserk ability, its weapon mount will open and unleash a full-blown frontal assault for a set amount of time.


Chocobo GP lets you alter the look of characters and vehicles so you can choose a style that suits you.

CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

You can change characters’ costumes and vehicle colors.

CHOCOBO GP Screenshot
CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

You can also affix stickers to vehicles to give them that personal touch.


As you race around a course, you’ll see Magic Eggs. If you touch one, you’ll get a piece of magicite, which lets you cast magic to help you or harass your rivals.

CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Magicite comes in three levels - if you collect multiple of the same type, your spells will be even more potent.

Back in December, we revealed some of the types of magicite you’ll find on-track. Today, we have a few more to reveal, starting with…


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

This magicite contains the power of earth. When used, it creates a shockwave that centers on your vehicle and shakes the ground around it. Any characters caught in the area will be damaged.


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

A very powerful magicite that lets you call forth the strongest summon of all - Bahamut! The invincible figure boosts your speed and moves you automatically along the course for a set amount of time.


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Here it is - the ultimate magic. Your magicite can transform into Ultima if you continue to collect Magic Eggs while your Magicite Stocker is full.


Chocobo GP features course set in locations from across the Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY series. Here’s a glimpse at just a few of the areas you’ll race in - you may well recognise a few!

Chocobo Farm

CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Cid’s Test Track

CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Monster Village

CHOCOBO GP Screenshot


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot


CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Big Bridge

CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Gold Saucer

CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

Chocobo GP Mode: Seasons

In Chocobo GP mode, up to 64 players can compete online to become the ultimate racer. In this mode, ‘Season’ events are held every two months or so.

While a Season is running, anyone who takes part will earn Season score and improve their Season level. They can then obtain special rewards, determined by their level, such as items or gil (which can be spent in the game’s different shops).

Prize Pass

CHOCOBO GP Screenshot

You can spend mithril to acquire a Prize Pass, which makes you eligible to obtain special rewards at each Season level. These rewards include new characters, which change with each Season.

In addition, the Prize Pass also increases the amount of gil you earn playing Chocobo GP mode, giving you more money to spend at the in-game store.

Here’s a look at some characters arriving in Season 1:

Cloud in Chocobo GP

Cloud Strife joins the race as a Prize Pass-exclusive reward. As a Season One login bonus, all players* can obtain 800 mythril (equivalent to a Prize Pass) for a limited time**, allowing them to obtain Cloud as a level reward of the first Prize Pass.

Squall in Chocobo GP

Squall Leonhart will appear in the line-up at the Gil shop, so all players with the full game can get him while he’s available!


*Both players of the full version of Chocobo GP and Chocobo GP Lite can receive this login bonus, however some restrictions apply to the Mythril Shop within the Lite version. Any mythril obtained in the Lite edition will carry over to the full version of the game for players who upgrade.

**Free mythril login bonus campaign end date to be announced at a later date.

We hope you enjoyed this new look at Chocobo GP. There’s not long to wait until you can try it yourselves - the game launches March 10, 2022, for Nintendo Switch!

In addition to the full game, you can also get Chocobo GP Lite - a deluxe demo of the game that lets you try out the Chocobo GP mode, local multiplayer, AND play through the prologue of the story mode!

If you like what you play, all your progress also carries over to the full game!

Please note:

  • The number of characters available in the Lite version differs from the full version of the game.

  • Online races are only available on Chocobo GP mode.

  • For local multiplayer with multiple Switch consoles, one player must own the full game.

  • Only owners of the full version can create lobbies when using a local multiplayer connection. Lite version players must join pre-existing lobbies to play

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