FOAMSTARS Roadmap unveiled

What’s coming up in FOAMSTARS’ first season? See the roadmap and learn about the limited-time events here!
By Duncan Heaney

FOAMSTARS is just a few days away!

The foam and fun-filled online multiplayer party begins on February 6, 2024, as a PlayStation® Plus Monthly game. That means anybody with an active PlayStation®Plus subscription can download and play the game at no additional cost!

FOAMSTARS launches with multiple modes, covering competitive, co-operative, and solo play - read about them here:

But that’s only half the story, because FOAMSTARS has Seasons of fun ahead. These Seasons will offer limited-time events, while updates will add additional characters, maps, modes, and cosmetic items throughout the year.

The new trailer and roadmap lay out some of the things you can expect:

Things kick off with Season One: Starry Pop!

Season One: Starry Pop

The first Season runs between Tuesday February 6, 2024, and Friday March 8, 2024. During that time, you’ll be able to take part in seasonal events where you’ll compete for rankings and enjoy different game modes!

These include:

Ranked Party

In these events, you can spend Rank Points (RP) to participate in a 5-round match. RP will be awarded based on the result of the match after the fifth round.

There are seven ranks in the game: Bronze Star, Gold Star, Platinum Star, Diamond Star, Super Star and Party Legend. After you earn a certain amount of RP, you can take on a Rank-Up Trial for your chance to ascend.

The two limited-time events include:

  • RANKED PARTY LONESTAR - a mode for solo players.

  • RANKED PARTY TRIBE-VIBE - take on the challenge with a team of up to 4 players.

Extreme Party

In these limited-time events, players can take place in two special-themed modes:

  • All Mel T Party - a limited-time mode where all players battle it out as the dangerously precocious CEO Mel T.

  • Invisible Party - a fun and frenetic mode where all players are invisible. The first team to score 10 takedowns - or ‘chills’ in the game’s terminology - will be declared the winner. Can you hit what you can’t see?

Happy FriYAY Party

This weekend-only party event isn’t about winning or losing. There will be a few chances to try out Season Two’s new FOAMSTAR: Coiff Guy. Spoilers: he’s awesome. It’s a good way to get some hands-on experience before he becomes available to unlock.

Season Passes explained

Each Season runs for approximately five weeks, and brings a selection of new content, including new themed gameplay, events, maps, characters, and cosmetics.

Each Season is also accompanied by a free Season Pass, which allows you to progress through the ranks and unlock rewards by earning experience points (XP) through gameplay, such as battles, missions, and challenges.

There’s also a purchasable Premium Season Pass, which will allow certain rewards to be immediately unlocked, such as Mel T in Season One and additional season-specific cosmetics to earn.

Regardless of which Season Pass you use, you’ll still be able to get access to the new maps, modes, and characters - you’re always part of the FOAMSTARS party!

We can’t wait for you join the fun from February 6, 2024! Remember, the game is available as a PlayStation Monthly Game, so if you have a PS5 or a PS4 and subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you can download and play at no additional cost!

If you want more information about the game, check out our introduction to the characters of FOAMSTARS:

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