LIVE A LIVE out now on Steam and PlayStation!

It’s one of the most unique RPGs in history… and about history. We reveal everything you need to know about LIVE A LIVE’s PC and PlayStation release, including the new demo!
By Duncan Heaney

Let's skip to the headline: LIVE A LIVE is out now on PC and PlayStation!

First released on Nintendo Switch in 2022, this one-of-a kind RPG now available to a whole new audience! It’s a beloved RPG that’s inventive, experimental and quite unlike anything else in the genre. Read on and we’ll tell you all about it:

LIVE A LIVE screenshot

What is LIVE A LIVE?

In 1994, the original LIVE A LIVE released for the Super Nintendo, exclusively in Japan. It was a distinctly different type of RPG - rather than tell one epic, continuous narrative, it focused on eight tales spread throughout time, from prehistory to the distant future.

This new game resurrects the classic game for modern audiences around the world with the stunning HD-2D visual style as featured in OCTOPATH TRAVELER II and a beautiful, rearranged soundtrack fully supervised by original composer, Yoko Shimomura.

Everything that made the original game so great - and so unique - is here, with eight memorable characters spread out across all of history. There’s no set path through the game - you can pick which character to start with and play through seven of the stories in any order (the eighth story is the finale… but no spoilers here!).

Each tale acts as a sort of mini-RPG, with its own setting and even adding unique mechanics, making for an extremely varied and replayable game that always has a new surprise round the corner.

Here’s who you’ll get to play as… and when.

Prehistory: Pogo

LIVE A LIVE screenshot showing Pogo in Prehistoric times

This story takes place in a prehistoric age, when humans did not yet have words and communicated through body language.

Pogo is a cave-dwelling young man raised by a harsh but fair elder. At last, he’s given permission to go forth and hunt - but on that fateful day, a young woman Beru fleeing her own tribe sneaks into his village. When the two meet, it is love at first sight.

Though contact with outsiders is forbidden, Pogo resolves to help Beru, and fight the Kuu Warriors that come to claim her.

This fascinating tale of heartbreak and love is delivered through charming sprites and expressive animations.

Imperial China: The Earthen Heart Shifu

LIVE A LIVE screenshot showing Earthen Heart Shifu

This wise master is the sole living practitioner of the Earthen Heart. Acutely aware of his waning health, he resolves to leave his home atop Mount Aspiration and go forth in search of a worthy successor.

He encounters Hong - an agile thief with a voracious appetite; Lei, a bandit outcast of the forest, and Yun the kind-hearted young pickpocket. Of these three, who will rise to the occasion and become the next shifu?

Twilight of Edo Japan: Oboromaru

LIVE A LIVE screenshot showing Oboromaru

In this chapter, you assume the role of the shinobi Oboromaru, who must undertake a secret mission to infiltrate an enemy castle and rescue a prisoner of great importance.

By using his Shroud of Shadows, you can conceal your presence and hide from the eyes of enemies. Proceed without resorting to violence or take a more bloodthirsty method… the choice is yours.

The Wild West: The Sundown Kid

LIVE A LIVE screenshot showing the Sundown Kid

A taciturn gunslinger - the Sundown Kid - arrives in the frontier town of Success. He learns that the local populace is being terrorized by the Crazy Bunch, a gang of ruthless outlaws.

Realizing that the Kid may have what it takes to stand up to the gang, the townsfolk implore him to fight on their behalf.

Against so many villains, a lone gunslinger doesn’t stand a chance. But perhaps, by working together with the locals to prepare traps before the Crazy Bunch arrives at dawn, one man may yet make a difference...

Present Day: Masaru Takahara

LIVE A LIVE screenshot showing Masaru Takahara

This skilled fighter is on a mission to become the strongest warrior in the world. To build his skills, he embarks on a journey that pits him against six of humanity’s greatest combatants, who use everything from Sumo to professional wrestling.

This fast-paced tale focuses entirely on combat - bait your foes to use their secret techniques… and experience them to learn these skills yourself. Does he have what it takes to become the strongest there ever was?

The Near Future: Akira

LIVE A LIVE screenshot showing Akira

At a young age, Akira realized that he had psychokinetic powers: he could read the minds of others and move objects without touching them.

Because he knows what people are thinking, he regularly gets into trouble and picks fights. It’s a rough life, but one he’s used to.

One day, while investigating a series of kidnappings carried out by the Crusaders, he learns of a dark conspiracy... which can only be stopped through the resurrection of an ancient robot king: the Steel Titan!

The Distant Future: Cube

LIVE A LIVE screenshot showing Cube

On a troubled transport freighter in the dark expanse of space, an autonomous support unit named Cube is activated by a kindly mechanic.

However, a series of sudden fatal accidents on board makes tensions mount, suspicions rise and tempers flare among the crew. To make matters worse, a captive monster breaks loose!

Cube is swept up in the chaos and caught between the humans’ disputes in this enclosed space. Will it and the crew make it back to Earth?

The Middle Ages: Oersted

LIVE A LIVE screenshot

Many years ago, a great evil was vanquished by a hero. But darkness is on the rise once more, and a new champion must rise to take down this nightmarish foe and deliver a princess from evil.

This hero’s journey reveals that perhaps there’s more connecting all these disparate heroes than you might expect. But we’ll leave you to discover why for yourselves…

How do you get LIVE A LIVE on PC and PlayStation?

LIVE A LIVE is now available digitally on PS5, PS4 and PC via Steam.

Get the game on PlayStation Store, and you'll receive an awesome PlayStation 4 theme.

Get the game on Steam to receive 'The Legends' wallpaper for PC. A 20% off introductory offer is also available to Steam players who purchase the game before May 11, 2023.

If you’d like to try before you buy, a free playable demo is also available to download from the PlayStation Store now and Steam! You’ll be able to play the opening sections of three of the eight stories in the game: The Wild West, Twilight of Edo Japan, and The Distant Future... and your progress carries over to the full game!

LIVE A LIVE screenshot showing the Sundown Kid in battle

We hope you’re excited to play LIVE A LIVE and start your journey across history. For more information, visit the website and follow us on social media for news and updates about this, and other Square Enix games: