Here’s what we learned from the Outriders Broadcast: Episode 2

From new story details to composer announcements, the second Outriders Broadcast was packed with reveals about the game. Here are some of the biggest:
By Duncan Heaney

The second Outriders Broadcast has arrived, and it sheds even more light on the upcoming RPG shooter from People Can Fly and Square Enix.

This newest episode focused on the lore, world and structure of the game. It gave us our first real look at how the game is laid out, showcased the side quests, introduced us to some of the game’s hubs and more. It’s definitely worth a watch if you missed it:

As with the first Outriders Broadcast, we’ve picked out just some of the most exciting pieces of news from the stream:

The Broadcast gave us our most detailed look at Enoch yet

By now you probably know the basics of Outriders’ setup: settlers land on the seemingly idyllic planet Enoch, but a mysterious anomaly changes everything - mutating lifeforms, destroying technology and dragging mankind down into a life of desperate savagery.

So far, we’ve mostly seen footage set in the First City - the area of Enoch that was first settled by humanity and where the early parts of the game take place. It’s part of a larger colonized section of the world - full of cities, strongholds, factories and mines.

But Enoch is much bigger than that. Humanity has struggled to spread out thanks to raging anomaly storms and equally raging monsters. But as an Outrider, you are one of the few capable enough to explore this hostile world.

The stream took us on a quick tour through snowy peaks, dense forests and much more. There’s a lot of diversity in the scenery, with each area having its own unique feel and lore.

There’s a lot of story content in Outriders

As you’d expect from an RPG, there’s a big focus on story in Outriders. One interesting tidbit shared during the Broadcast was that there’s an hour and a half of performance captured cutscenes in the main story of the game. Your character will take center stage in many of them, with your current equipment reflected in the cinematics.

That’s just scraping the surface though - if you take the time to dig into some of the additional content, there are two hours of extra cutscenes that flesh out the side quests and shed more light on the world and its inhabitants.

The game world uses a ‘hub and spoke’ structure

Many of you have been wondering: how exactly is the game world structured? Is it split into levels? Is it open world? The latest Outriders Broadcast took time to answer this question in detail.

The game essentially uses a ‘hub and spokes’ structure. Each part of the world you visit contains a built-up hub area where you can talk to people, buy equipment, collect new quests and more. Connected to that are various explorable spaces and combat arenas - the ‘spokes’ if you will.

The main campaign missions will guide you through some of the locations available, but not all. There are lots of other areas that feature side-quests and additional lore to discover- so you’ll need to explore if you want to see everything the game has to offer.

Hubs are safe spaces that give you a taste of life on Enoch

In Outriders’ numerous hubs, you’ll holster your weapon and explore some of the more populated parts of the planet.

There’s a lot to do in these densely packed areas. You can visit shops and vendors to sell scrap and buy new weapons and armor. You can hit bars to get gossip and information on bounties, and pick up side quests from the world’s fascinatingly offbeat residents.

These are not static spaces either - they’ll change as major story events play out, and if you return to a hub later, there may be new shops, additional dialogue available or even side-quests to pick up.

Side-quests are just as fleshed out as main story missions

Speaking of side quests, the stream went into detail about how these optional activities fit into the game.

What’s immediately clear is that side quests in Outriders are all intricately designed, full of interesting story and characters. The team has taken great efforts to make each of them feel fun, worthwhile and narratively satisfying.

Many even take place in new areas that you won’t visit as part of the campaign. The Outriders Broadcast showcased one of these missions - a daring search for missing soldiers in the frosty Eagle Peaks.

What starts as a simple manhunt, soon becomes far more complicated thanks to the emergence of a deadly anomaly-worshipping cult… but to say more would be to ruin the surprise.

Side-quests also scale to your level

With so much additional content in Outriders, you may be worried about becoming over-levelled, and rewards for side quests becoming too weak to be useful. Don’t be.

The game’s side quests will scale to your character’s current level. That means that they will still provide a satisfying challenge, and reward you with new weapons and equipment that you can actually make use of.

That said, if you do want to make your life easier or harder, you can still do so with the World Tier system introduced in the first Outriders Broadcast. Find out more about that here.

The soundtrack has been composed by Inon Zur

Finally, here’s a particularly exciting reveal from the Outriders Broadcast - the soundtrack to the game has been composed and arranged by Inon Zur.

Zur is one of the most respected game composers out there - his many credits include Fallout 4, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon’s Dogma and more. He’s produced an amazing soundscape for Outriders that combines orchestral and electronic elements in a really interesting way.

You can hear a bit of what to expect in the full stream - definitely worth a listen!

As you can see, Outriders is shaping up to be a unique and exciting game. You’ll be able to play it for yourself when it releases in December 2020, for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One consoles and PC.

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