10 big changes in the Outriders New Horizon update

Endgame 2.0, improved loot, better multiplayer, transmogrification and more! Here’s everything coming in Outriders’ massive new update.
By Duncan Heaney

Get ready for a new and improved Enoch!

The Outriders New Horizon update arrives this week, and it’s making some big changes to the game.

The update is free, and adds some highly requested features to the game, including new appearance options, new content and some highly-requested quality of life features. But perhaps the biggest changes are to the endgame content, which has been made much more exciting, satisfying, and flexible. It’s why we’re calling it Endgame 2.0!

In short, New Horizon’s a massive update that’s transformational for the game. Here are 10 of the biggest things it brings to the table:

1. There are no more Expedition timers

Outriders’ endgame Expeditions have seen some major changes.

These high level endgame missions send you and any allies into a hand-crafted mission against some of the most powerful enemies in the game. They’re brutal challenges that always yield amazing rewards… or at least, they should do.

Before the New Horizon update, Expeditions were on a timer - the faster you complete them, the better the reward. Unfortunately, this had the unintended consequence of essentially forcing players into character builds that focus on maximizing damage per second (DPS).

That’s something that ran directly counter to the central idea behind Outriders - that every player should be able to build the character and playstyle that suits them.

So now there are no timers on Expeditions at all by default. Completing a mission will earn you that mission’s reward, no matter how long it takes. That means, you’re free to experiment with any and all builds you like, from hulking great tanks, to support styles, goof around with friends… basically play how you want.

Outriders screenshot

2. Expedition rewards have been equalized

The new update also changes how Expedition rewards are handled. Now, rewards are much better arranged across Expeditions, so even those missions that take longer to finish than others will respect your time and feel rewarding to overcome.

3. Four new Expeditions are coming to the game for free

What’s better than a brand new Expedition? How about four of them?

These four missions will take you to previously unexplored areas of the planet Enoch. They also contain exciting stories that link to the narrative of the main campaign. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Molten Depths - this sends you to a previously undiscovered power station in Eagle Peaks. It could be a valuable asset, but it’s currently inhabited some… unwanted tenants. Time to give them their eviction notice.

  • City of Nomads - you’ll meet a character haunted by the sins of his past. Despite his dark history, you decide to help him protect the old Pax village of Uketu Atarah.

  • The Marshal’s Complex - Grand Marshal Corrigan asks you to reclaim a facility near Deadrock Pass from insurgents. You’ll quickly discover that there’s a lot more to this mission than meets the eye.

  • The Wellspring - There’s an old Pax legend of a sacred place, where travelers travel far to drop their treasures into deep wells. You decide to find these treasures for yourself, despite a raging storm that seems to be getting worse all the time…

All these missions arrive in the New Horizon update and, as you’d expect, all are completely free. Even new Expedition players will get Molten Depths from the off, with the others unlocking at Challenge Tier 4, 8 and 12 respectively.

4. Legendary gear is more fun to find

The best loot in Outriders is Legendary gear - unique equipment and weapons that offers uniquely powerful effects. At launch, grinding for this endgame-quality gear was… well, a bit of a grind. For example, it never felt rewarding enough, even when playing on the highest difficult level. Because the loot system was so random, it was also difficult to find specific items.

That’s changed - the team already increased the Legendary drop rates by 100% globally back in June. They also added a new anti-duplication system into the game at the time, which reduces the chance you’ll get an item you already own.

However, if you really want more control over your Legendary drops, you should try out the Eye of the Storm Expedition following the New Horizon update. Completing this now lets you choose one of three Legendary items at the end of the mission.

Finally, Tiago’s shop now has an additional feature that make it much more useful. You can now purchase a mystery Legendary item or use resources to reroll the vendor gear on offer.

5. The new transmogrification system lets you define your style

One of the most requested features from Outriders players is finally here!

The new transmogrification system lets you change the appearance of one piece of gear to another of the same type. For weapons, it even changes their sound to match that of your desired item.

You can do this at any time from the menu and, of course, it’s all completely free. No complicated procedures, no in-game resources required and certainly no microtransactions. The moment you find a new piece of gear, you will automatically acquire its transmog design - not just for your current Outrider, but for all your characters.

No longer will you be forced to wear armor you don’t like aesthetically, just because it complements your build. You can create a consistent style, or turn your Outrider into a fashion disaster, all without affecting your stats.

6. Skills and gear for all four classes have been buffed

Multiple skills and items have been made much more effective across all classes. This opens up even more potential builds - skills that many players previously neglected because others were superior, are now much more viable.

If you only played the game at launch, you’ll notice how much tougher and more destructive you are now. For new players, prepare to dominate the battlefield in the most satisfying ways possible.

7. The multiplayer experience has been improved

Outriders now has fully functional crossplay across all platforms, including Stadia. What’s more, matchmaking rules have been improved so that you can find more stable connections with less lag, rubber banding and fewer disconnects.

There’s also a rule that checks for AFK players, so you can find a team that’s active and ready for action.

8. Console players have more control options

Xbox and PlayStation gamers have many more control options available than they did at launch. Everything from stick sensitivity to dead zones can be changed to your liking, which should allow you to create a setup that suits you perfectly.

9. You can skip the opening sequence!

The opening sequence to Outriders is pretty cool… the first few times you see it. With the New Horizon update, you can finally skip through the logos and just get right into the game.

It’s a minor thing yes, but one that will have long-time players punching the air.

10. A Legendary for everyone!

Here’s something extra-awesome. To celebrate the launch of the New Horizons update, anyone who logs onto the game between now and November 30 will get a Legendary armor piece added to your inventory.

That applies to new players and existing ones alike, so make sure you grab it while it’s available! Do bear in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for the Legendary Armor piece to appear in your inventory.

ALSO: There’s a new expansion coming in 2022!

Last, but certainly not least, there’s a massive new expansion coming called Outriders: WORLDSLAYER! Ominous name, right?

This will arrive in 2022, and will take you to the furthest reaches of Enoch, where new stories, new challenges and more await.

We’ll have more to share about that in the future, so make sure you follow Outriders on social media to see the news first.

The Outriders New Horizon update goes live November 16, 2021 on all platforms.

If you’re yet to try the game for yourselves, then you’re in for a treat, as this update makes a great game even better. It’s available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.