Trials of Mana trailer gets up close and personal with Duran and Angela

Who exactly are Duran and Angela… and how are they linked?
By Duncan Heaney

Earlier this year, we took a look at Trials of Mana’s charismatic cast of characters. But now this latest trailer gets you closer than ever.

The video focuses on two of the six playable heroes - the promising young swordsman Duran and princess Angela from Altena.

It gives you a sense of these characters’ backstory and motivations - and how their stories are linked together, despite their very different backgrounds.

See for yourself:

As the trailer reveals, Duran is a swordsman from the Kingdom of Valsena. Those impressive muscles aren’t just for show - despite his young age, he’s respected as one of the strongest warriors around, and a worthy heir to his departed father, Loki.

But one fateful day, Valsena’s castle is attacked. Rushing to its defense, he confronts the Crimson Wizard, but for all his strength, he is powerless against the malevolent magician.

After recovering from his wounds, he vows to become stronger, and sets off on a journey to confront the villain.

Angela’s story is very different. She’s not initially powerful skilled… quite the opposite.

She’s the the only daughter of the True Queen of Altena, the snow-covered kingdom of magicians. Unfortunately, Angela struggles to cast spells, something that makes her a source of constant shame for her mother, the True Queen.

But when the True Queen, and her right hand man the Crimson Wizard, try to force Angela to sacrifice herself to activate the energy of the Mana Stone, her power emerges.

So we have two very different characters, bonded together by the malevolent machinations of the Crimson Wizard.

…well maybe. One of the fascinating things about Trials of Mana is that you get to choose which characters take center stage in the story. You pick three heroes from a group of six main characters, and the story you experience unfolds differently depending on who you go with.

So it’s entirely possible that in your playthrough, Angela doesn’t join forces with Duran. Perhaps she meets the feral Kevin, or the quick-witted Hawkeye. Or maybe she teams up with the noble Amazonian Reisz or precocious Charlotte. It’s entirely up to you.

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The game releases for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam on April 24, 2020.