A message from the Producer of Chocobo GP

The producer of Chocobo GP explains some of the updates and bug fixes coming to the game.
Par Hironori Okayama

To all our players,

I am very sorry that bugs in the competitive modes of the game, and our lack of advance communication, have caused inconvenience to players.

The development team has come together and been working to fix all the bugs as soon as possible.

We have also heard many opinions about how additional DLC is implemented. We are considering this feedback seriously and putting all our efforts into making sure that we provide future updates that satisfy all fans who have purchased the game.

The first thing we have done is changed the Prize Level system for Chocobo GP mode to make it easier to increase your level.

We have also eased up on the overall requirements and have now made it easier to reach level 100, in particular. We hope players will take advantage of this to earn Cloud or some new vehicles.

We have also set our new design policy to readjust the metagame, so that it is easier for players to earn new characters once they have purchased the retail version of the game.

Taking this thinking further, we will now have cosmetic items, such as costumes that don’t affect gameplay, as the high-level Prize Pass rewards, or as items on sale in the Mythril Shop.

We are open to implementing additional changes to the game, and will continue to take all feedback into account and polish the game even further going forward.

We are also considering removing some of the restrictions on the Lite version to make it easier for streamers to hold events, so watch out for further news on that.

Hironori Okayama, Square Enix

Chocobo winning a race in Chocobo GP

The main bugs that have been reported are summarised below:

a. Errors when purchasing items that arise from differences in the application version.

b. An issue when matchmaking that results in some players being unable to enter the ready state and proceed into a race.

c. A bug where the race start timing is not in sync.

d. Issues where races do not end in the correct way, such as the results screen coming up before completing the set number of laps etc.

We are currently working to fix these issues.

We would like to put out an update to address these issues as soon as possible, so please watch out for further information.

We understand that there are players who are unable to play the Chocobo GP mode properly and have moved forward the following measure to address this to be implemented:

  • Easing of the score bands required to increase your Prize Level - the easing up of these requirements will be applied to any future levels achieved above the player's current level. There will be some cases where a player's level is increased immediately.

Customers who have enquired regarding issue a. above will be contacted individually.


Going forward, in-game seasons will change around roughly once every two months and updates will be made when the season changes.

The main content planned for these updates is outlined below.

1. New characters

Two new characters will be added for each season, in addition to the 24 that are only available with the retail version of the game.

The following two characters are available in season one:

  • Squall: Can be purchased with Gil earned in the Chocobo GP mode and by daily/weekly missions by players who own the retail version of the game.

*New items will be added to the Gil Shop as more seasons pass.

  • Cloud: Can be obtained by players who own the retail version of the game and a Prize Pass, by raising their Prize Level to 60.

*Rewards from raising the Prize Level are limited edition items for that season and will be updated with each new season.

*We are also considering making these items available again later in a different form, so that players who started playing later do not miss out.

2. New tracks

We plan on adding new tracks that will be available for all players to play, regardless of whether they have the lite version or the retail version of the game.

The next new tracks will be added with season two.

*The extent to which a player can make use of the new tracks will depend on the functionality restrictions for the version of the game (lite or retail edition) they are using.

3. New costumes and items available to buy using Mythril

For season one, additional costumes for Chocobo and other items are made available in the Mythril Shop.

There will be new additions to the line-up added throughout the season, including new BGM and season exclusive costumes.

*For season one, Mythril can be earned as a log-in bonus or purchased directly, but from season two onwards it will also be available as a Prize Level reward.

4. Improvements to game balance and functionality

Going forward, we will make improvements to the core game system to ensure a fair and balanced competitive environment and improve playability.

*We will not wait until the start of the next season to address any issues that need fixing immediately.

We hope you continue to enjoy Chocobo GP!

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