Protagonists Jed and Jack fighting a flying monster.




In-game menu showing Job tree and Swordsman class skills.

Various weapons such as greatswords, daggers, and spears determine a character’s job when equipped. Acquire new abilities and jobs through a character enhancement system called the Job Tree.​

Protagonist Jack casting a ligthing spell.

Choose among a variety of jobs to select two which you can switch between during battle. Using magic spells is also another effective strategy.​

Protagonists Ash, Jack and Neon standing in front of an open treasure chest.

Prepare for battle by acquiring and equipping more powerful gear. Collect various weapons from treasure chests or by defeating enemies.​

Protagonists Ash, Jack and Neon fighting a water elemental boss.

Each boss has its own unique movements. Identifying the enemy’s swift moves and effectively utilizing soul shield and various abilities will carry you through deadly battles.​


Fight your way through excruciating battles with a variety of means to pulverize your enemies.

Protagonist Jack turning an enemy into red crystal.
Soul Burst

Once the enemy’s Break gauge reaches zero, the enemy enters a “Break” state. Approach the enemy in the Break state and activate a soul burst to deliver a finishing blow. By defeating enemies using soul bursts, your maximum MP increases, and MP is restored.

Protagonist Jack using a glowing red shield to defend himself from enemy.
Soul Shield

Consume Break to set up a soul shield. When you take an attack while your soul shield is up, your maximum MP increases, and MP is restored. Activating a normal attack right when taking an enemy attack delivers a deep-dive counter.​

Jack blocks a Black Widow's web shot attack
Instant abilities

If you block an ability with a purple name using the soul shield, you can then use that ability yourself. The advantage of instant abilities is that they do not consume MP, so they can be used freely.​


When your max MP is two bars or more, consume two bars’ worth of MP and max MP to activate Lightbringer. Activating Lightbringer makes it easier to finish off enemies with a soul burst and also serves as an effective method to fight back when surrounded by enemies.​

Protagonists Ash, Jack and Neon battling an elemental.

Guard against your enemies’ attacks with your weapon. Use the dodge command while guarding to evade attacks.

Jack attacking an enemy to lower their break gauge
Break gauge

The break gauge is a key feature in the battle system. How you wear down an enemy’s gauge is especially important when attacking.

Protagonist Jack stabbing at a glowing red orb with his sword.
Instant Abilities

Use action abilities by consuming MP. Action abilities can greatly deplenish the enemy’s Break gauge.

Battle settings menu screen
Action Abilities

Action abilities don’t just inflict a large amount of damage on an enemy’s break gauge; they can deplete the maximum capacity of that break gauge too. The further you reduce the capacity of a foe’s break gauge, the easier it will be to break them and use soul burst, which will also replenish your MP.


In-game menu options to create a multiplayer room and other features


Enjoy the main story and side missions with your friends. Experience co-op play in a group of up to 3 players through online multiplayer mode. In this mode, equipment and other items will drop for each player to loot individually.​

In-game menu about selecting a difficulty option STORY, ACTION or HARD.

Difficulty Options

Choose a difficulty mode that matches your playstyle.​
HARD​ - For players who are skilled at action games, providing thrilling battles.
ACTION - For players who are accustomed to action games, providing moderately challenging battles.
STORY - For players who don’t usually play action games, allowing them to enjoy battles and the story. Make it even easier to play by turning on CASUAL mode."

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