7 awesome things you can do in BALAN WONDERWORLD

Finding 2021's finest fashions, wandering whimsical worlds and raising a family of fluffy friends - here's just a taste of the fantastic things you can get up to in BALAN WONDERWORLD.
By Duncan Heaney

The lights are dimmed, the stage is set - it’s finally time to start the show.

BALAN WONDERWORLD has released for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and Steam - and it’s quite the spectacle.

The musical platform extravaganza takes heroes Leo and Emma on a head-spinning journey through a wacky world of unsettling enemies and treacherous trials. But you may be wondering - what can I expect from this one-of-a-kind performance?

Well allow us to provide the program - here are just 7 or the awesome things you can do in BALAN WONDERWORLD.

1. You can discover this year’s hottest fashions


Leo and Emma look great in their normal clothes but to take full advantage of Wonderworld, you’ll need to dress for the occasion.

Fortunately for them, Wonderworld is full of weird and whimsical costumes that elegantly combine both form and function. Not only will collecting them change our heroes’ appearance, it will give them unique abilities.

Over the course of the adventure, you’ll be able to turn into a tornado-wielding wolf…


…a laser-launching robot…


…a big, buff, burly bulldozer…


..and that’s just for starters. There are 80 costumes in the game, each with their own distinct look and actions, from electricity-emitting jellyfish to flame-flinging dragons.

And, of course, this is the game that lets you embody that most majestic of all items: a fire hydrant.


Now that’s fashion that makes a splash.

2. You can explore worlds like no other

BALAN WONDERWORLD world screenshot

The residents of Wonderworld are each facing worries and profound sadness. This influx of negativity has created environments overrun with dark creatures called Negati.

Your job is to journey across these worlds and help each character overcome their negative emotions and find a path back towards happiness. Every area is based on a particular character’s struggle, creating levels that are beautiful, quirky and wildly imaginative.

For example, World 1, ‘The Man Who Rages Against the Storm’ will introduce you to Jose Gallard - a farmer whose prized cornfields have been devastated by storms.

You’ll explore the rolling hills and fields (and we mean that literally), clamber up giant husks of corn and more in your quest to help Jose regain his lust for life.


Then, in World 2, the Dolphin and the Diver, you’ll be thrown into an underwater kingdom of shells and ruins, as you help a young woman overcome her fear of the sea.

BALAN WONDERWORLD World 2 screenshot

And that’s just for starters - each of the wonderous worlds is wildly different, from clockwork kingdoms to insect-filled gardens. You never quite know where you’re going to end up next - and that’s exactly what you want in a platformer.

3. You can uncover secrets a-plenty


Completing levels in BALAN WONDERWORLD is only half the challenge - the true goal is to uncover all the Balan Statues within each level.

Some of these statues are out in the open, there to grab for anyone paying attention to their surroundings. Others are placed in hard to reach areas, which will force you to find new routes around the level to grab them.

And then there are the really sneaky statues - placed in secret places by some particularly nefarious level designers. These will require you to scour every nook and cranny of an area, and think of smart ways to use your costumes to get them.

Some of these are pretty tricky to find, but when you do… ooh yeah, it feels goooood.

4. You can battle brilliant bosses


At the end of each World, you’ll face off against a single enemy that embodies all the negative emotions of its owner. This bosses are big, and powerful, and just like the worlds you explore, each is wildly different.

From the wolf-like Barktholomew, to the icky Wormsworth each will test you and your outfits in different ways.

But the best thing? They all culminate in a spectacular song and dance number, where the residents of each world come together with our heroes in an uplifting explosion of music and joy.


Just consider it positive reinforcement.

5. You can become an armchair sportsperson


Statues are only some of the things to uncover in the game. If you’re observant, you’ll uncover some very special costumes that unlock awesome minigames.

For example, find a soccer uniform and you’ll have a chance to embrace your inner David Beckham in the Free Kick Challenge. Use a combination of aim and timing to score yourself a big payout of Crystal drops.

Alternatively, if soccer’s not your thing, you can also discover minigames based on baseball, golf and more.


6. You can raise a family of fluffy friends


Tims are awesome.

These chirpy little chaps are the guardians of happiness, and when they’re not hanging out on the Isle of Tims, they’ll follow you on your adventures, and help you out along the way by sniffing out collectibles or harassing enemies.

Between levels, you can return to the appropriately titled Isle of Tims, where you’ll be able to feed your fuzzy friends color drops. This will help them grow, gain new attributes and even gain new abilities.

If you’re lucky enough to find an egg on your travels, you can even raise entirely new Tims, and uncover even more secrets on the isle.

It’s a lot of fun.

7. You can do all this with a friend… or family


It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time gamer or a grizzled platformer veteran, BALAN WONDERWORLD is a game designed to be enjoyed by everyone. And that includes enjoying it together.

Drop in/out co-op means that a friend can join you at any time to help out, and it’s a great way to play. Each player is free to run around independently, but you can also lock together to make it easier to overcome the more intricate platform challenges.

There are some big advantages to playing with a pal too - they can help you take on foes, uncover secrets and you’ll even be able to combine different abilities to uncover new paths through levels.

BALAN WONDERWORLD is out now for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and Steam.