A look at FINAL FANTASY merchandise: Cactuar and Tonberry

They may be dangerous, but they also make for adorable plushies... and more. We take a look at some of the best examples.
By Duncan Heaney

Of all the creatures in the FINAL FANTASY series, few are as beloved as Cactuar and Tonberry.

These two series icons have worn many hats (or hoods in Tonberry’s case) - sometimes they’ve been vicious monsters, while other times they’ve acted as powerful Summons. Either way, their incredible designs mean fans have taken them to their hearts.

They’ve also taken them into their homes - there’s a large amount of incredible Cactuar and Tonberry merchandise available in the Square Enix Store. To celebrate these two RPG legends, we wanted to take a look at some of the more adorable items available.


Of all the creatures in the FINAL FANTASY series, you probably don’t immediately think of Cactuar as being the most squeezably soft. After all, this prickly icon’s more likely to send 10,000 needles your way than a nice warm hug.

And yet, search the Square Enix Store, and you’ll find plenty of Cactuar plushes, as well as other themed merch. Makes sense we suppose - it is pretty adorable.

Here are some of Cactuar’s highlights:

FINAL FANTASY Mascot Cactuar

Let’s start by looking at the littlest Cactuar. This diddy little plush comes with a loop, so you can hang it in the home, on a bag… wherever you want basically.


This medium-sized plush perfectly captures Cactuar’s famous look. From its signature vacant expression, to its distinctive needles, it’s all there in a gloriously fuzzy form.

FINAL FANTASY Square Cushion: Cactuar

This Cactuar cushion is large and soooooo soft. The official product description says you can “keep it as a cuddle buddy or use it as a decorative accent in your room”.

Let’s be honest though - it’s cuddle buddy all the way.


And here’s the big boy! How big? It’s 1/1 scale to the Cactuar Summon in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE!

Yep - that means there’s even more Cactuar to love!

FINAL FANTASY Mascot Coin Bank Cactuar

This is harder than the plushies, but for good reason - it’s got to guard your hard-earned cash.

Cactuar makes for an extremely lovable money box - its big base makes it extremely stable, and the high quality plastic casing is robust. And although Cactuars have a habit of running away in some FINAL FANTASY games, this one will stick with you thick and thin.

Even when you remove its base and remove its insides.


Here’s another FINAL FANTASY mainstay that’s not usually considered soft and cuddy. Tonberry’s typically been portrayed as having more of a ‘knife to see you’ attitude than ‘give me a hug’.

Still, we can’t deny it makes for amazing merchandise. Here are some of our favorites:

FINAL FANTASY Plush Mascot - Tonberry

It’s amazing how much personality this Tonberry has - especially when you consider it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

Just like Cactuar, it has a handy strap so you can tie it to a bag and carry it with you.

FINAL FANTASY Plush Tonberry

Some plushes tend to fall down and roll over - not this one. The big tail makes Tonberry always able to stand upright.

That’s a good thing, because it’s an impressively detailed item. I mean, just look Tonberry’s stubby little knife! And its cute little lantern!

The robe is a particularly nice touch - you can even pull down the hood!


This super-sized Tonberry plush is as adorable as it is large.

As with the other plushes, it’s very detailed - note its distinctive brown robe and its trademark knife and lantern combo.

It’s out in July - so there’s a bit of time before it arrives. But it wouldn’t be a Tonberry if it was coming at you fast, would it?

FINAL FANTASY Mascot Coin Bank Tonberry

This may look like a typical Tonberry, but there’s a key difference - it’s full of cash.

Or at least, it can be. This high quality money box is large and strong, capable of storing hundreds of gil at a time. Or whatever your local currency may be.

Plus nobody will go near it - who wants to risk a Grudge?

That was just a small taste of FINAL FANTASY merchandise available on the Square Enix Store. From clothes, to home furnishings, to wallets and watches - if you’re a fan of the series, there’s a lot to get excited about.

Take a look for yourself:

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