Download these new FINAL FANTASY Valentine’s Day cards!

Express your love for both your partner and the FINAL FANTASY series with these First Class cards. You’ll be Gladio you did!
By Duncan Heaney

It’s Valentine’s Day - the perfect time to tell your loved ones how much you care for them!

What better way to say it than by sending them a card, featuring some of the most adored characters from the FINAL FANTASY series?

If you want to share your heart with another of the FINAL FANTASY faithful, then we have the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for you to share with them. Based on the cute designs from the upcoming THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE, they’re sure to make your beloved’s heart skip a beat!

To get the cards, click on the link beneath each image to download a high-quality version that you can print:

FFVII Valentines Day Card

FFIX Valentines Day Card

FFX Valentines Day Card

FFXII Valentines Day Card

FFXIV Valentines Day Card - Y'shtola

FFXIV Valentines Day Card - Thancred

FFXV Valentines Day Card

FFV Valentines Day Card

FFVI Valentines Day Card

FFVI Valentines Day Card

We hope you love these cards. We’re pretty sure you’ll love the game they’re based on, too.

THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE launches for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on February 16, 2023. It’s a triumphant celebration of 35 years of incredible videogame music, with a massive 385 tracks from the FINAL FANTASY series included in the base game alone!

Not only that, but you’ll be able to download DLC based on other Square Enix titles, including the NieR series, SaGa series, OCTOPATH TRAVELER, LIVE A LIVE and more!

Three editions will be available at launch:

  • Standard Edition: Available physically and digitally, this contains 385 songs from across the FINAL FANTASY series

  • Digital Deluxe Edition: Contains all songs from the standard edition, plus 27 additional tracks, and Season Pass 1.

  • Premium Digital Deluxe Edition: Contains all songs from the standard edition, plus 27 additional tracks, and Season Passes 1-3.

All these editions are available to preorder now. All digital preorders come with 15 ProfiCards to use in game:

There’s also a free demo available that lets you play through 30 tracks from the game, including some beloved songs from FINAL FANTASY II, FINAL FANTASY V, FINAL FANTASY VII, FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY XIV and FINAL FANTASY XV!

Your progress even carries over to the full game, so download it now and start setting some scores!

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