The top 10 moments from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

By Square Enix Team

A while ago we asked here on the SE blog what your favourite moments from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD are and thereafter asked you to vote on the best moment.

Well, the votes are in and the time has come to let you know what the results are! Sorry it’s taken a while, we’ve been busy with E3 and other events... That being said, you can now watch the video below to find out what you and fellow fans think are the top ten moments from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

It probably goes without saying but if you haven’t finished Type-0 yet then be warned that there will be potential spoilers in the video.

So there you have it!

Overall, I think I personally agree with the list, but I have to admit that the order of some of the top moments was a little surprising to me. I thought the alternate ending and Rise from the Ashes would have placed higher on the list, but the number four moment was really nice to see just outside of the top three. I actually didn’t even think of this as a top moment when I started putting this together but it’s great to see fans enjoying simply playing the game officially in the West.

The top three moments were clear run away contenders from the start. Almost immediately, it was clear that these moments were going to be the top three and at the beginning it was quite a close race. However, by the end of the voting period the number one moment was by far and away the clear victor and personally, I couldn’t agree with it more. To me, a great ending of any RPG is one that not only reaches a satisfactory and emotional conclusion, but also one that causes you to reflect on the whole game and the journey that you just completed. Without spoiling too much, the ending of Type-0 does that to me and has some really powerful messages and imagery. It’s one of my favourite endings to any Final Fantasy game. That flag, that music… I’m sorry, I won’t say anymore.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the order of the list? Is there anything missing that you think other people should have picked up on? Let us know in the comments and thank you for letting us know your favourite moments from Type-0 and voting here on the Square Enix Blog.

May the crystal guide you.