What are your favourite moments from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD?

By Square Enix Team

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been out for a little while now, and I hope you’ve all had a chance to sink some time into the game. It’s full of really awesome moments so we thought we would make a video compiling some of the best ones! The thing is though, with so many moments we found it difficult to choose between them. So we thought we’d ask for your opinion!

What is your favourite part of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD? Is it facing Gilgamesh on the bridge with “Battle on the Big Bridge” playing in the background? Is it summoning Odin for the first time when facing Qun'mi at Akademeia? Is it the battle with Shinryu Celestia? Or maybe it’s something completely different and not related to the story, like the music, or if the game’s director Hajime Tabata joins you on a mission as special support, which happened to me on my first mission.

Whatever your favourite moment is, let us know if the comments below! It probably goes without saying but please note that there will be spoilers for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD if you haven’t played through yet.

Next week on Wednesday May 13 2015, we’ll take a look at all of your chosen favourite moments and create a shortlist for you guys to vote on and then we’ll do a countdown list video to show you all which moment in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is the best as voted for by you, the fans. Be sure to let us know your favourite moment before then!