Announcing Mensa Academy!

By Square Enix Team


Today we're excited to announce that we've teamed up with Mensa and Barnstorm Games to push your brains to the next level. Mensa Academy is designed to get those neurons firing and give your brain the workout it needs. Pitting your noggin against a series of fun mini-games and stimulating challenges, you'll be testing your brain power against questions endorsed by Mensa (the renowned global high IQ society!).



Academy recruits will be able to pick from Play, Coach and Test modes. Play mode challenges you to take on over 100 replayable levels in five different disciplines - Numeracy, Language, Logic, Memory and Visual. Got a weakness? Not to worry, Coach mode will allow you to hone your abilities and develop skills in key disciplines before you take on Test mode. As you can imagine, this final mode puts all that training to the ultimate test and allows you discover your very own Mensa Academy score.


Mensa Academy is available from the 27th July 2012 in Europe and PAL territories for Nintendo Wii, 3DS, PC, Smartphones and in the near future for HD consoles, Android and iOS. Titled "American Mensa Academy" in North America, the game will be available as an exclusively digital release from 27th July 27 2012 for Windows PC platforms and in the near future for HD consoles, Android and iOS.


How well do you think your brain will score?