Mensa Academy Out Now on iOS

By Square Enix Team

Today, Mensa Academy makes it's way to iOS! Packed with brain-stimulating questions spanning Numeracy, Language, Logic, Memory, and Visual categories, players can jump straight into Play mode, or hone their abilities in Coach mode before taking on the Test to discover their Mensa Academy score. Exclusive to Apple iOS devices, players can share their Mensa Academy score certificate via a variety of social networking channels, e-mail and SMS. 



“With Mensa Academy on iOS, people of all ages can take on a range of fun tests and challenges that really get your brain cells working. Its charming visuals and easy touch screen controls really makes it a brilliant way to test your brain power - and of course find out who has got the biggest brain between you and your friends!” said  Ian Livingstone, Life President – Eidos.



Mensa Academy is available now for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and the new iPad mini from the iTunes store, priced at £2.99/€4.49