Mensa Academy Out Now on Nintendo Wii, 3DS, and PC

By Square Enix Team

Do you have trouble doing calculations, poor memory, difficulty with logic problems, general brain fatigue? Then don't worry we've got the solution for you. Out today is Mensa Academy, the ultimate brain training game created in collaboration with Mensa, the renowned global high IQ society.


Mensa Academy puts through over 100+ replayable levels in five disciplines (numeracy, language, logic, memory, and visual), a coach mode to hone your abilities and assess your progress, and a test mode to discover your Mensa Academy score. Learning has never been more fun!



Mensa Academy will also be coming to HD consoles and Android later this fall. You can find out more at In North America the title will be published under the name American Mensa Academy and will be available in the near future.