Get a close look at Chocobo GP!

The upcoming racing game is on-track to deliver a kweh-zy experience. But how does it all wark? Find out about the characters, the vehicles, the story, the free Lite version and more here!
By Duncan Heaney

Here’s the big news: Chocobo GP releases for Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2022!

The new racing game pits the faithful feathered fellow and his pals against one another on vibrant tracks, based on iconic locations from across the Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY series.

You probably want to know more about the game, so we thought we’d give you a closer inspection at just some of the things you have to look forward to.


Chocobo GP features a large roster of characters from the Chocobo games, as well as a few familiar faces from across the FINAL FANTASY series. Each has their own unique ability that - if used effectively - can give them an edge against the competition.

Let’s meet just some of the cast:


Chocobo Dash

Of course Chocobo is in the game! This treasure hunter travels the world with Atla the Moogle. A pure and sweet soul, he works his socks off for Atla, who takes advantage by making him enter races.

His unique ability is Chocobo Dash! When activated, Chocobo summons a ring behind him and automatically boosts forward for a set period of time. Characters who also pass through the ring get a boost too!


Pom Pom Crystal

Another treasure hunter, Atla travels with his companion Chocobo. Quite the contrarian, Atla considers himself the boss and Chocobo his subordinate. He’s voiced by Laura Post.

His unique ability is Pom-Pom Crystal, which lets the sneaky moogle steal crystals from the character ahead of him. Not only that, he also scatters a number of fake crystals behind him. If an unfortunate racer touches one of these fakes, they all explode!


Chocobo Combo

Camilla is a kind young chocobo who’s got a bit of a green thumb (well, wing we suppose) - she loves growing plants. She’s voiced in the game by Lizzie Freeman.

Her love of gardening is evident in her unique ability Chocobo Combo. Camilla creates 5 flower rings around the course, that grant her a boost and invincibility when she passes through them. The effects are extended each time she passes through a ring, so it’s worth going for as many as possible! Other racers can also get a boost by passing through one of the rings too.

Camilla's Pa

Camilla’s father is a serious chocobo of good character. He always does his very best - even if sometimes he finds his efforts go nowhere. He’s voiced by Sean Chiplock.

Pa deploys his plow from the sides of his vehicle and boosts forward automatically in an invincible state. Any characters that come into contact with him will wipe out, so watch out if you’re racing against him! Another thing to be careful of - as the ride moves, Pa will create water puddles. Anyone who comes into contact with these will be sent into a spin.



Clair may seem like he’s quiet and easy-going, but apparently he has an important mission. He’s voiced by Stephen Fu.

Watch out for Clair’s unique ability Invisihood, which makes him transparent and invisible to nearby racers. While he’s in this state, he can’t be targeted by many abilities or magicite attacks.

Racing Hero X

Mog Beam X

This mysterious Moogle regularly appears before Chocobo and his buddies. He has a habit of poking his nose into the other racers’ business and generally takes care of the participants of the race. He’s voiced by Cristina Vee Valenzuela.

Speaking of which, you’ll definitely want to avoid getting in the way of his unique ability Mog Beam X. The speedster fires a gigantic energy beam that travels along the racetrack, taking out any characters in its path. The beam has defensive capabilities too - it can be deployed behind as a shield, blocking any magicite attacks and wiping out any characters who touch it.


Cid's Three Shot Burst

A self-proclaimed “genius scientist”, Cid works as a mechanic at the test track where many race-enthusiasts gather. He’s voiced by Keith Silverstein.

Cid’s Three-Shot Burst ability bombards other racers with his tank's cannon. You can even change the target he’ll attack by holding a direction when you activate the ability.


Kurukuru Counter

The sweet and earnest Shirma works as an assistant at Cid’s test track. She has a strong sense of justice - she won’t just stand by and watch if she sees an argument or someone being bullied. She’s played by Erica Mendez.

Her ability Kurukuru Counter is great for fighting back against aggressive racers. Shirma releases the power of Kurukuru, who envelops the area around her in a barrier for a set time. If any rival racers use magicite on her during that time, Kurukuru appears and hits them with a counterattack.


Irma comes from a family of legendary treasure hunters and is a regular at Cid’s test track, although she seems to be troubled by something. She’s voiced by Christie Cate.

Irma pushes herself and her vehicle to the limit with her unique ability Boost Chain. When activated, a button press gives her a temporary boost. She can still drift, use magicite, and do aerial tricks while using this ability.



This flaming figure works part-time as a firefighter near Cid’s test track. He’s voiced by Samuel Riegel.

His ability Hellfire really heats things up on the track - literally. When activated, Ifrit releases a burst of flame from his vehicle’s hose to create a fiery barrier across the course. The inferno will move along the track and cause any racers it touches to wipe out.


Sword Saint

The multi-limbed Gilgamesh tries to get in the way of Chocobo and friends by challenging them to races. Despite his appearance, he can be timid, sometimes getting startled when his opponents come on strong.

Gilgamesh can summon a unique ability called Sword Saint. When used, he’ll throw several pieces from his prized sword collection to the front or the rear. Racers who hit one of the swords stuck in the ground will suffer damage depending on the sword type, from a simple spin to a full wipe out.


Ben the Behemoth doesn't really know what to do with himself, so he marauds aimlessly on a self-destructive rampage.

When he uses his ability Charge, Ben will grow in size⁠⁠ and emit an aura. This gives him a boost - any characters he smashes into will wipe out!

Vehicle types

You’ve met some of the grid, but you may still be wondering what they’re racing in. There are three vehicle types in Chocobo GP:

Standard vehicle



…and grip.

Each model type has different characteristics, such as high speed, faster acceleration and improved handling - so pick the one that best fits your race strategy!


Scattered around the various racetracks are Magic Eggs. Touching one of these will grant you a piece of magicite. These can be used to invoke various magical effects that can help you or hinder rivals.

Each type of magicite comes in three levels - if you collect multiple pieces of the same type, you’ll be able to unleash even more potent spells!

Chocobo GP Screenshot

Here are just some of the magicite you’ll be able to use in the heat of the race:


This magicite shoots a ball of flame forwards to inflict damage on other racers.


This leaves a water hazard behind your ride that other racers must avoid. Menace them with moistness!


The power of wind lets you create a tornado that snakes around the track.


With Thunder magicite, you can shoot a ball of lightning that shocks its target and any racers nearby.



Blizzard fires an icicle that travels along the course and freezes any racer it hits. The higher the level, the more icicles will appear and longer a target is frozen for.


Doom summons a Reaper to haunt and harass the racer one position ahead of you. If you’re in first place yourself, the Reaper will haunt second place instead.


Your character is enveloped by the power of the magicite, automatically blocking a single magicite attack.


As the name suggests, this boosts your vehicle’s speed above normal levels for a certain amount of time.


This one’s fun and useful in equal measure. Swap creates two warp gates that change a character’s position. Passing through the first will cause you to emerge from the second.


There are so many different ways to play Chocobo GP, from Story Mode to 64-player online races. Here’s a closer look at what you can get stuck into:

Story Mode

Chocobo and his friends enter a racing tournament with the promise of the ultimate prize - the winner of this race will be granted a single wish: anything their heart desires!

In their quest to win this one-of-a-kind reward, they’ll visit many places and meet many people along the way, all the while gaining valuable racing experience. But what awaits the chocobo chums at the end of their journey...?

Time Attack

Chocobo GP Screenshot

This one’s for speed freaks! Race around your chosen course for three laps and try to beat your best time. You can also upload ghost data of your past runs and data from other players to compete against!

Series Races

Chocobo GP Screenshot

It’s a battle to become champion in a series of four races! Finish in the top three to earn a trophy and unlock a new race series to take part in. Two players can race together with a Joy-Con each!

Custom Race

Chocobo GP Screenshot

This mode lets you create your own races by customizing various parameters. You can change the race class, type of magicite available, the CPU skill level, and more! Naturally, you and a friend can race locally with one Joy-Con apiece.

Chocobo GP

Chocobo GP Screenshot

It’s time for the big one - the Chocobo GP! Up to 64 players compete online to be the ultimate racer. Finish fourth or higher, and you’ll qualify for the next round - do you have what it takes to win the final?


Chocobo GP Screenshot
Chocobo GP Screenshot

You can play Chocobo GP mode both locally and online. When playing online, you can enter open matches or invite just your friends and race together.

Up to eight people can also compete together with local multiplayer with multiple Switch consoles.

Release date and Lite version

Chocobo GP releases for Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2022!

If you want to get a little taste before you buy, Chocobo GP Lite will also be released. This deluxe demo version of the game lets you try out the online Chocobo GP mode, local multiplayer and play through the Prologue chapter of the Story Mode.

If you like what you play, you can upgrade to the full game - and all your progress from the Lite version will carry over!

Please note:

  • The number of characters available in the Lite version differs from the full version of the game.

  • Online races are only available on Chocobo GP mode.

  • For local multiplayer with multiple Switch consoles, one player must own the full game.

  • Only owners of the full version can create lobbies when using a local multiplayer connection. Lite version players must join pre-existing lobbies to play

We hope you enjoyed this up-close look at Chocobo GP - it’s shaping up to be a Kweh-zy ride! To stay up to date with news about the game, make sure you follow FINAL FANTASY on social media: