Outerworld Challenge #3 Results - Lightning Returns

By Square Enix Team

Congratulations folks, you’ve made enough Outerworld posts to unlock Lightning’s La Fouldre garb to use in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII! The garb is available in game right now, just keep an eye out for an NPC called: @LRFF13. Read their message and you’ll be rewarded with the La Fouldre garb! 

It’s not over yet, prepare yourself for our final challenge…

For Challenge #4, you’ll need to reach a total of 400,000 Outerworld posts by April 4. The prize? Lightning’s Dark Orchid garb.

The Dark Orchid garb, which looks a little similar to Midnight Mauve, comes with a handy passive ability, EP Vengeance - which restores EP in relation to the damage received from enemy attacks. Again, this garb is available in Hard Mode but you can get your hands on it early if you manage to complete the Outerworld Challenge! 

Having trouble finding the NPCs? Summon them into your game via the Facebook App.

There’s several goodies kicking around in the game too, including the following Adornments attached to official @LRFF13 NPCs:

  • Afro & Gold Chick (March 18 – March 25)<ul><li>Message Subject: Discover Enemy Weaknesses- Message Subject: Use your EP Abilities- Message Subject: Quests, Quests, Quests!- Message Subject: Try using Guard!- Message Subject: Defend with precision!- Message Subject: Recognise garbs good for defence! We’ve noticed that a few of you are after the Tonberry, Cactuar and Miniflan adornments from back in February. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re coming back, but we’ll let you know closer to the date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below. Have a great weekend, and get posting!