Outerworld Challenge #4 Results - Lightning Returns

By Square Enix Team

And that’s a wrap! With well over 400,000 Outerworld posts in the bag, you've completed our final Outerworld challenge and have unlocked Lightning's Dark Orchid garb - congratulations! As per usual, our trusty and aptly named official NPCs (@LRFF13) are waiting for you to come claim your prize. If you can't seem to find the NPCs, just remember that you can summon them into your game using the Facebook App. So pop on over and let us know what you think of the awesome Dark Orchid garb in the comments section below! 

Thus concludes our series of Outerworld Challenges. We'd like to give everyone who participated a huge thank you and really hope that you had as much fun participating in the challenges as we did setting them up! Keep on posting and sharing your in-game loot as we'd love to see what else you can find and come up with! 

And for those of your who either love a good adornment, or just like poking the (@LRFF13) NPCs every now and again, you'll be able to get the following goodies from the NPCs over the next few weeks: 

  • Red Silk Hat (April 4 - April 7)<ul><li>Message Subject: Recognise garbs good for defence!- Message Subject: Positioning in Battle- Message Subject: The Last Ones- Message Subject: Upgrading Accessories- Message Subject: Liberate People's Souls- Message Subject: Stop time with Chronostasis- Message Subject: Defend with precision!- Message Subject: Welcome to Outerworld- Message Subject: Post a Lightning Message Once the story gets going.- Message Subject: Facebook App now available For the Xbox 360 players under you, please be aware that we are currently experiencing technical problems with the Outerworld Service. The service went offline after a recent Xbox Live update. Unfortunately, this means that no NPCs or News Feed updates will appear in the game for now, but rest assured that we are working hard on bringing you a fix!  Due to the nature of the issue, it's a bit difficult to say when it will be up and running again (hopefully very soon!), so please bear with us. We're also working hard on ensuring that you won't have missed out of any of the fun or items but would still like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.